2013 Resolutions

The plan is to move forward slowly. Real change takes time! The aim is quality over quantity in whatever I do, learn, gain, or loose. It’s all about the bigger picture in 2013!

With that in mind, here’s the list.

  • Make healthier choices in life. This is actually several goals in one. At first glance, this may seem to be in reference to the physical body. My goal, however, is about my total self, giving  equal importance to the physical as well as the mental and the spiritual.
  1. The physical: The usual: Eat better, exercise (I won’t even bother with the word “more”, it would be dishonest.) But also to get out more. It may seem obvious that a mother of 5 would by default be very physically active, that’s not necessarily so. While I do spend a great deal of time on-the-go, it’s usually in the car. Because of this and resulting feelings of fatigue, most of my hobbies tend toward the sedentary: crocheting, reading, and now blogging.   Also, It’s very easy to “fake” running for the ball, to trot three steps and then demand that son #1 go get it. The plan is to be the one to get the ball, to go for more walks, to encourage and participate in living room jumping jacks, jump rope outside with my daughter, to just overall intentionally be more active. A fun tidbit: While researching essential oils for soap-making, I came across rose essential oil which, according to aromatherapists, *helps in soothing & harmonizing the mind as well as helps in overcoming anger, depression, grief, nervous tension, fear.  So there’s a biological reason behind “Stop and smell the roses.” Who knew?
  2. The mind: “What goes in, must come out.” I have a confession to make. I read over 100 books last year, and most of those would be considered junk reads. I like to read. I enjoy fiction. Cheap, poorly written fiction is entirely too easy to come by. The plan is to replace one third of my reading material with better choices. Some non-fiction, some classics, some just more well-written fiction. Inspired by this blogger, who also already gives the same answers I would as to how I find time to read so much. I’ll still read my fiction, but there’s just so many books out there that I’d like to read, and I never get around to it because I usually just grab the easy read. This year I want to challenge myself a little and maybe learn something new.
  3. The spiritual: I want to read the Bible. The whole thing in one year. I’d also like to do a few in-depth studies as well, but I’ve never actually read through the whole Bible, so that’s the big goal. The execution of these goals will coincide with the book-reading goal above. I have a GoodReads account and the widget, which shows my progress in my current reads, is to the right. So feel free to GoodReads friend me and follow along.
  4. Organize. I’m adding this. I was hesitant to put this in for two reasons. 1. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little bit about this. I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. Like a no-hitter in baseball, I’m afraid that if I say out loud “I’m attempting to be more organized,” that it’ll never happen. 2. I’m ADD. I’ve never been organized. I’m not really sure what that will look like in my life. I’ve read about the schedules of others with lives similar to mine and it honestly makes me break out in a cold sweat. I couldn’t live that way. It goes against the way my brain works. Still, I’m open about learning and trying new ways. So I have several books on the subject and a “Just do it” attitude. I may start 2014 no more organized but with several more ways that don’t work for me. That’s okay. That’s still a sort of progress; process of elimination and all that.
  • Plant a garden. I’m adding this one because I started the 100 Day Fitness Challenge on Facebook and I’ve come to realize that if I want to eat better and keep the roof over our heads, then I need to start growing some of this stuff myself.
  • Make soap. Simple right? I’ve had the supplies for a while, but just haven’t gotten one of those round to-it’s. The original reason behind this is severe allergic reactions in my youngest. The goal is to become proficient in soap-making, lotion-making, etc., so that I can better control the products we use for him.
  • Knit one item. That’s it. Just one. It can be small. I took a class this past year. I learned to knit. Then life got in the way and I didn’t finish anything. I’m a kinesthetic learner. I need to do it to retain it.
  • Finish one crocheted item for charity. Goal accomplished 2/18/13. I have belonged to a charity needle-workers group for over a year now. I haven’t finished a single item for charity. In all honesty, I haven’t finished anything at all since the baby boom hit our family. I can never seem to find the time anymore. Still, I have a plethora of yarn and I have the skill to share. So that’s the goal. Find time. Finish one item.

That’s it for now. I may or may not add goals as I finish some of these.
The next post may or may not be a book list.


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