Progress Report: How it’s going so far

Step The past two weeks at my house have been filled with sickness and resulting fatigue. We’ve played pass-around-the-pink-eye one too many times. There have been horrible head colds and several ear infections. However, for the most part, I’ve stayed on track with my resolutions.

I started the 100 Day Fitness Challenge on Facebook on January 7th. It’s basically just a plan to decided personally what I want to commit to change for 100 days. The changes I decided on were no added white sugar, and exercise. I had a three day migraine from sugar-withdrawal, but I haven’t touched a piece of chocolate or a Snapple in almost two weeks. Since these two things were something I had daily, I feel pretty good about this. I’ve been eating a lot more healthfully too. There’s not a lot of shelf-foods without added sugar. I made this Superfood Salad this week; a recipe I snagged from the lovely and healthy Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats.  This recipe was great, it was even a hit with the hubby! I’ve also made the Green Monster Smoothie, which is both delicious and nutritious. I’ve not started counting calories, and I honestly haven’t decided whether or not I will. I also haven’t managed any real exercise, so that’s a goal going forward.

I did some organizing last weekend and plan to do some more this weekend. I’ve read the Bible every day, as planned, and started two other books on my list. I’m halfway through crocheting a prayer shawl for a cancer support group that is working with my needle-workers charity group.

So all in all I’ve maintained the slow-but-steady forward momentum that is so necessary in real change. If I have one area in need of immediate attention it would be sleep. For some reason I’ve been having trouble settling down for the night. As a result, I’m sluggish and sleepy throughout the day. This is not helping with my goals and it really needs to change.

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