In a funk

Sad-Cat-1 We’ve been sick for what seems like forever but has actually been 2 1/2 months. We’ve played pass-around-the-illness and it’s now my turn again. Throughout this, I haven’t stayed on track with most of my goals.

The exceptions being my daily Bible read and I’m almost done with my one crochet item for charity.

I’m behind in all my other reading. I’ve a ton of things that need doing around the house, organizing, cleaning, etc.. The lather, rinse, repeat of the every day is getting to me and I’m in desperate need of some sunshine.

I’m tired. I’m uninspired. I’m in a funk.

I need a nap.

2 thoughts on “In a funk

  1. roberta4949

    oh boy someone is having a bad few months, that sucks. sorry about that. sometimes it helps if you can find supplements designed for immune system stimulation i take some and it has helped me prevent sinus infections that i would get alot. I take some good quality vita min supplements too. they seme to help my headaches I would get (probably sinus produced). hope you feel better.


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