It all started with sunshine…

fuzzy-sweet-kitten-2and a craving for something fruity but, you know, bad for me. I was really in the mood for a nice lemony cake with maybe some raspberries. I remember seeing a recipe a while back that used white cake mix and pudding to make some simple but delicious-sounding lemony treat.

Well, I couldn’t find that.

Instead I found these:

Special Buttercream Frosting

Click on the pics to go to recipes.

lemon chiffon cake Lemon Curd Raspberry Lemon Cake

I wanted to be able to tell the fillings by the frosting color, but I went a little too heavy handed on the purple & rose food color.  It was my first time trying the two-toned technique though, so, live & learn.

So  put all that in a mental blender and this is where I landed.

Lemon cupcakes filled with either raspberry mousse, lemon curd, or blueberry jam. Topped with lemon butter-cream frosting. This frosting recipe makes a ton and it’s dangerously good, because you just want to find things to put it on!

So that was my day. We played outside, soaked up some vitamin D, and enjoyed some fruity baked goodness.

Oh, and I made lemonade. Because it goes well with sunshine.


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