Monthly Archives: June 2013

Back in the Saddle…

kitty_exercise Clearly, there have been some false starts. Obviously. As it is now mid-June and I am no less gravitationally-challenged than I was in January. I’m actually a little more so.

This past Sunday, I decided to start over.  I have been maintaining healthy-eating habits since, and I’m down 4 pounds!  YAY!

I came down with a cold yesterday. We had a horrible winter with sicknesses and it really presented a problem with the health-goals. I find it hard to stay motivated to prepare a healthy meal or exercise when I feel like crud.  However, I did not want this to become my excuse.  So first thing this morning I went for a bike ride, because if it didn’t happen then, there’s a high probability that it wasn’t going to happen at all.  I discovered a new bike path. I knew it was there, but I’d never traveled it before, I discovered that it is a very hilly bike path, which is good, because I wanted to work up a sweat. I discovered that the honey-suckle is in bloom. And it smells amazing! It was a nice ride.

When I came home I had a healthy breakfast. Then I made lasagna, once again because if it didn’t happen then…
and the kids need something to eat tonight as well.