Consistently inconsistent…


So, update from my orginal post for last year. I didn’t really get all those books read. Hardly any of them really. I did read over 100 books, just not the ones on my list. <insert sheepish smiley here>

It’s not a terrible thing though. I’ve realized something about myself. Reading is my go-to for destressing and unwinding. Most of the books on my list required me to think, when I really didn’t want to.

So this year my goals are tweaked. No book list, I’m just going to try to finish some books that I think would be helpful for me to read. For example, I’ve been trudging through “Driven to Distraction” for several years. I really think it could be helpful to finish it, since I am, in fact, ADD, but I keep getting distracted before I finish it.

In the health department I made losses and gains and ended up breaking even. I’d like to focus on that and make some real changes this year. It’s still not about the number on the scale. I really just want to be healthy and some energy would be nice.

I realize that I never did a follow-up post to the soap. I developed an allergic reaction to something. All my life my mother has suffered from hives if the least little irritant bothered her skin. I’ve been blessed not to suffer the same affliction, until now. I’m not blaming the soap. It started on vacation and could’ve just as easily been some irritant specific to the house we rented. I don’t know. All I know is that now I break-out in hives with Every. Single. Shower. I’ve changed back to my previous body products and tried several others. Nothing helps. Bathing = hives. So I backed off the natural soap products because I couldn’t figure out what started this and I didn’t want to make it worse. I will say that the shampoo bar is not for me, even without the hives.

The organization thing: I’m still working on it, and suspect that I will be for the rest of my life. It’s not exactly my strongest area. Obviously.


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