Monthly Archives: October 2015

Forty and Fabulous

that was my goal…when I started this blog. To be Fabulous at Forty…whatever that means right?

For me, I figured it meant I’d accomplish a bunch of stuff…climb Everest, win the Nobel Prize, etc… no, not really…

Actually I was just hoping to be healthier by forty. That was it really. Fairly simple goal right?

Guess what? …

I did it!

At 40 years of age I am now in the same size that I was at 20. Yep. 20. I feel good too and I eat MUCH healthier. On a daily basis…as a way of life. Go me.

On Saturday I went to a surprise birthday party…Surprise!

Wow someone call the fire marshal!

Wow someone call the fire marshal!


So that’s me…and today it’s official… 40. I am surrounded by people who love me and whom I love very much. This upcoming weekend I will attend a fancy shmancy event (in a slinky lbd…cause I can) to celebrate my mother’s thusfar successful battle against breast cancer.  YAY!!!

So far it’s been an adventurous life… but a good one.

So to the next 40 years … I say… Bring It!

I’m ready.