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Healthy eating…

kitty_veggie Today I made a veggie roast for lunch. It consisted of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, baby bella mushrooms, 2 cloves of garlic, minced, olive oil, salt & a bit of pepper. With the kids favorite ice cream in the fridge, I told them they could each have dessert after a full serving of green veggies. To my astonishment, it worked.

My daughter even tried a mushroom. She hated it, and spit it out after begging, but then ate more than 2 servings of the rest because, apparently to her, anything is better than mushrooms. My son ate his greens with stoical endurance,looking very much like the kitty in the corner here, persevering for the promise of ice cream to come.

Healthy eating has been on my mind as of late.  Today I realized that my children’s eating habits have declined as time commitments have increased. With one child suffering from severe food allergies and another with sensory integration issues, meal times can be tricky, to say the least. Add finicky tastes to that and it can be a nightmare.

One likes broccoli, but only if it’s roasted. Another only likes it steamed. One only likes brussels sprouts while another prefers asparagus. One, and only one, loves string beans. I have one who will tolerate broccoli, if Venus and Mars are in alignment on the day it’s prepared, and if I stand on my left foot with a spoon on my right ear while preparing it. (No, not really, but it often feels that way.)

To add to the ever-growing obstacle course that seems to be our meal times, my husband took on a somewhat vegan lifestyle a while back. He’s what we call a work-week vegan, meaning he eats mostly vegan Monday through Friday with slight (or sometimes not-so-slight) splurges on the weekend. And I’m just starting the Shred diet. I dread meal times. No, really. Dread. Often times we’ll prepare multiple meals, which is exhausting and time-consuming. Or, I’ll make a crowd pleaser like lasagna, and have go-to left-overs for the kids for a few days. The idea being that they can have that while hubs & I eat our rabbit-food. But there’s lasagna in the fridge, and it invariably ends up in us.

If our diet were to be demonstrated on one of those spread sheets for finances, lately, we’ve been in the red. Most days I’m lucky if we get in the black.

So I’m putting the question out to my healthful friends, my friends with special consideration diets, and my friends who, like me, are just trying to slim down and get a healthier lifestyle….what do you do to keep the kids in the green?


SOAP, it does a body good.

kitty_bath I just took my first ever all hand-crafted natural soap shower. Courtesy of my friend Jenn at  I used the Salty Sea Dog on my body- ❤  You had me at “SEA.” I liked the scent and since my happy-place involves my toes squishing in the sand, the ocean-influence is why I went with this one first. “The Tingler” shaving soap, with peppermint, tea tree, & lavender, was my choice for all areas to be shaved. I washed my hair with the Peppermint & Tea Tree shampoo bar. Finally, I used the “Cleopatra” with Dead Sea mud to wash my face.

First thoughts: The overall feeling is “clean.” I know that sounds obvious, but it’s a different feeling from the shower gels that I usually use. We’ve all seen those commercials about soap leaving a filmy residue behind, but for me, that’s usually the case with any shower gel I’ve tried. Other soaps that I’ve tried leave my skin feeling tight, like it’s thirsty. The exception being the moisturizing bars which also leave a filmy residue for me.  So far, there’s no filmy residue and my skin doesn’t feel tight. It feels lighter. Also, the smells are not strong. All of the soaps that I used today are scented with essential oils. As I sit here there’s a subtle but pleasant after-shower scent. If I sniff my arm or my hair I don’t really get anything, but if I move my head just so or raise my arm I sometimes get a bit of mint or cinnamon. It’s nice.

The shampoo bar  is my first-ever foray into non-liquid shampoo and foregoing conditioner. It has a surprisingly rich lather that did not feel at-all drying in the shower. Right now it just feels lighter. I’m a little leery of the lack of conditioner, especially at the ends of my very-long hair. I do not have oily hair. I wash my hair every other day unless I’ve been at the beach, swimming, or sweating a lot. I’m worried about how those ends will hold up on our beach vacation this summer, under constant exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and daily washing. I may bring a leave-in conditioner, just in case. I will say that the shampoo bar that I used does contain aloe juice. I’m going to continue using it without any added conditioner for now and see how it goes.

The Tingler shaving soap: Oh, where have you been all my life? There’s a loofah embedded in the soap. Isn’t that clever? My legs and underarms are smooth and soft AND no red bumps! Also, loved the refreshing mint!

“Cleopatra” with Dead Sea mud: This is not the first time that I’ve used handcrafted soap on my face. I switched to using all-natural soap on my face a little over a year ago. I have recently (a few months after switching) noticed the first signs of aging (I’m not yet forty.) I’ve always looked young for my age but I think that now, I just look my age. This could be a variety of factors though: the past few years, my diet took a nose dive.  After giving birth to twins my caffeine intake increased exponentially.  In recent years I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time at the beach and therefore, in the sun, than ever before. Even with the use of sunscreen, I’m sure that it takes a toll. So I can’t lay blame for the forehead wrinkle or lack of luster to my skin on the soap change. I can however give credit to the fact that I’ve noticed an overall decrease in blemishes since changing to the handcrafted soap.  Which leads us back to the lovely Cleopatra. After a conversation that detailed all of the above info/issues, my friend Jenn recommended this soap for my now more “mature” skin. It’s Day 1 so there’s nothing really to report about it other than that I like the smell and I’m hopeful that it will reverse time and make me look ten years younger that it will help.  I’ll be sure to post about any significant fountain-of-youth type qualities.