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Feature Friday

Today I’m going to start doing features on Fridays of my favorites. (Like that alliteration?) Considering my consistently inconsistent nature, this will probably be the only Friday that I do this. Also, since I have a whopping 12 followers (waves to the two new ones), eight of which are spamalicious, I doubt anyone will actually read these. That being said, I’ve decided to write the blog that I want to read because, apparently, I really like the sound of my own voice… or typing, as it were. So here goes:

Image:Friday Food
Iowa Girl Eats is my go-to blog for recipes. Kristin is a wiz when it comes to yummy delicious and nutritious salads that make my diet feel very non-diet-y. The pic on the left is my favorite of her recipes: Superfood Salad. I recently spent an appendage on mail order frozen pomegranate arils so that I can make it for my upcoming Mom’s Night Out. Seriously, it’s that good. In the future, I think I’ll just freeze up a bunch in the Fall when they are still in season here.

Friday Footwear: I have a confession to make. I hate shoes. Seriously. I have several pairs of Uggs. Not because they’re trendy (or once were) but because they are the only shoes that don’t feel like torture devices on my feet. I wear them from the second the temp drops in the Fall up until the last possible moment in Summer, and then I switch to sliders. I have fallen arches, a high instep, and wide, bunion-y feet. Not a pretty mental image, sorry. I’m not complaining, my feet get me from point A to point B just fine. They just protest loudly in any sort of structured shoe. I can handle my New Balance sneakers for short spurts, like for a quick run (or, if I’m being honest, a leisurely stroll because I don’t run.) I can even wear them to the gym for an hour or so, but then I have to come right home and pop those puppies off. Then it’s slippers or Uggs for the rest of the day. And ibuprofen. Yeah. So while recently googling flats that feel like slippers (I had to try) I came across these lovelies.

Aren’t they just? The price is a bit steep for a pair of flats. So for now I have to settle for gazing lovingly at them. But maybe, if I’m a really good girl, Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or the man who loves me will get me a pair. And if they are half as comfortable as Oprah and everyone else on the planet who has ever tried on a pair attests, then perhaps I could wear these and not feel the need to close my eyes and chant, “There’s no place like home…”

Friday Fuzzies:

I die.

My daughter is obsessed with bunnies and really, she comes by it naturally. While she tends to stare longingly at the white Angora’s, I’m partial to the Harlequin Holland Lops. I had one as a pet in college and he was with my family for 13 years. Peter fancied himself a dog, he loved cuddles in my lap and ear scratches and spent the majority of his life outside the cage. I miss him. Someday, when life is less hectic (ha!) and I have someone reliable to watch it when we go away, maybe I’ll get another. For now though, I’ll settle for frequent visits to thfSaynora’s FB page. **WARNING: Extreme Cuteness if you follow that link.**

Friday Fun:

We are big Lego fans in this house. From Agents to Znap, we love them all. Apparently Lego Cuusoo has lifted their licensing ban on Whovian submissions, so I anticipate Doctors one through twelve in our near Lego future. To the Tardis!