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First down


I finally get to check something off my list.

  • Finish one crocheted item for charity.

 My church needle-workers group has been making prayer shawls for a cancer support group run by another woman in the church. We’ve already received some heart-warming responses from the recipients of the shawls. I was late in finishing my shawl. Our group leader had been given a bag full of little packets, each one representing a woman who is fighting cancer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Robin started at the top of the bag when giving out the shawls. Apparently one of the packets at the bottom of the bag represented a woman without much time left. She is to be the recipient of my shawl. It’s a good feeling, to be even a small part of something that touches the life of one who is suffering, to be able to bring that person even a little comfort in their time of need. I don’t know this woman, yet I find my thoughts returning to her. Is she elderly? Has she lived a full life? Is she young? Does she have children? Are they grown? Is she ready? Would I be?

I set out to bring someone else comfort; to use my ability to touch the life of another. Yet as I think of this woman today and pray for her, I find it is quite the reverse.